20 October 2008

My "Little Brudder" Christian

The wait was totally worth it. Christian and I have been trying to get together for the past two months to get his Senior Portraits done, and yesterday was a perfect day! You're the best Christian. :)

13 October 2008

Jocelyn is 1 Month Old!

I got to take some pictures of Jocelyn today. She is pretty much the most adorable little girl ever. We tried doing some pictures on the bed, but she was not having it. Kathy ended up putting her in her little chair that has soothing vibrations, and it was smooth sailing from there.

07 October 2008

Port Angeles Shoot

Mallory has been trying to get me up to PA for a long time. We finally made it work on Saturday! We did some pictures with her sister, two cousins and the cutest little blonde girls in the world. Here are some images of the fun!