24 May 2011

Ross James Photography Workshop

On May 22, I had the privilege of attending a group mentoring session with one of my favorite local photographers, Ross James. It was AMAZING! We went over off-camera lighting, posing, composition, how to make the most of the natural light available and more. I had a great time, and I am so grateful to Ross and Melissa for taking the time out of their schedule for this session! Check out his work: www.rossjamesphotography.com &www.facebook.com/RossJamesPhotographer

And thank you to the beautiful Harley Alexander for being our model for the day!

01 May 2011

Ashley & Mike - Pay It Forward

In February, I had a Pay-It-Forward session with Brea Bursch of CYE Photography. One of the "rules" of the PIF was to pay it forward to another photographer.

I immediately thought of my friend Ashley Fuentes for my PIF! Ashley and I have known each other since first grade or something ridiculous like that. We recently reconnected over Facebook, and found out that we're both into photography. Who better to shoot? Ashley is used to being behind the camera, so she was a little nervous - but she totally rocked it. She knew what she wanted and she and Mike were perfect :)

I'm so glad we were able to (FINALLY!!!) get together, and that the weather (FINALLY!!!) cooperated :) You're amazing Ashley and I can't wait to see what you do next :)