27 December 2009

Four Generations of LOVE

The Olsen/Howlett/Jovanovich/Dill day after Christmas family session was perfect! It was pretty crisp, but the sun was out and this family was so full of joy and love. I enjoyed every minute of our session!

30 October 2009

The Wing/Mahnke Family

I absolutely LOVE this family!

Chelsea has been a part of our youth group for around two years now. Just this last Easter, she invited me and Jeremy to Easter Dinner with her family. The chance to make new friends, and great food? YOU BET! Ever since that day, I have felt like I was a part of this family.

Diane has been wanting to do a family picture for quite some time now. The only thing is that she hates getting her picture taken. Well, I try my hardest to make sure everyone feels comfortable, looks good and has a great time.

The leaves were absolutely gorgeous, so we decided to take advantage of them. I couldn't believe all of the color that we were blessed with. Dan, Diane, Nick, Ben and Chelsea: You are an AMAZING Family!

27 September 2009

Mikaela Bolen - Senior

How on earth is this girl a Senior?! Mikaela was in my Three Year Olds Sunday School class when I was in seventh or eighth grade. I know she's happy to be done, but I can't believe she's already graduating...holy smokes. Mikaela, you are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm excited to see what this next season brings for you. God bless you chica!

03 September 2009

The Deumans!

I have to say it again: I LOVE FAMILY SESSIONS! And let's be honest, when I'm taking pictures of my family members, it's even better. I was blessed to do pictures for my brother (Jason), sister-in-law (Kathy), nephew (Judah) and niece (Jocelyn). Jocelyn turns 1 on September 11, and Kathy wanted to get some family pictures before Jossy's birthday. I have so many great pictures of this family. Here's a preview of their session:

15 August 2009

The Ferrers

I love doing family sessions. The parents are incredible, the children are amazing and it's just so much fun to get to hang out with the family as a whole.

When I woke up last Sunday, it was raining and I was so frustrated! It seemed like it was the first day of rain all summer long. But, the rain and clouds cleared away, and Sean, Nicole, Max and I had a beautiful day in Seattle. We started at Kerry Park, which apparently was the hot spot of the day (while I was there, at least 3 tour busses stopped for pictures). We crawled around in the grass, climbed on the wall and the sculpture and enjoyed the view of the city.

Next we headed down to the EMP to enjoy the beautiful colors of the building. There's a purple-ish wall on one side of the building that is absolutely gorgeous and a great backdrop for pictures. The whole building is pretty incredible. You should definitely check it out sometime.

Thank you for such a fun session!

15 July 2009

Cedar Park Northshore Staff

I am blessed to be involved in an incredible church. I have known the Lead Pastor (Jay Smith), since I was 6, probably even earlier than that. If you're looking for a church that is exciting, where you can get plugged in and learn about God, please check out Cedar Park Northshore.

Here are a few shots from the photo session with holson|photography.*

Jay & Sandy Smith
Lead Pastor
Steve & Amy Bolen
Associate Pastor

Doug and Autumn Haines

Jeremy & Heather Olson

Shantel Braaten

Loren Downs

* Photo of Jeremy & Heather Olson by Douglas Ray Haines