29 August 2010

Kami & Michael - 1 Year (and 3 months) Later

I was lucky enough to shoot Kami & Michael about a year and a half ago for their engagement pictures. They were actually my first engagement session. They're also two of the most gorgeous people I know :)

Kami and Michael live in Montana now, but came out to Kirkland for a conference. I'm so glad we were able to get together for a quick shoot. We love you guys to bits!

17 August 2010

Meghan Shipley is a Senior!

Okay...I babysat this kid when she was just itsy bitsy. I can't even BELIEVE that she is a senior this year.

We happened to schedule our shoot for August 15, which turned out to be insanely hot. But Meghan is such a trooper and did everything that I suggested, even in this ridonculous heat we've been experiencing. At the end of our session, we jumped off of one of the docks in Kirkland, just to cool off :)

Meghan, you radiate joy! Have so much fun with your senior year!

03 August 2010

Ashley & Cleve - Engaged!

Jeremy and I had a great time shooting Ashley and Cleve. We started at Daniel's (Thank you Daniel's!!!), moved on to Bellevue Park (where a super cute little boy named Emory let us borrow his balloons), and ended at Chism Beach Park. Well, actually we ended back at their place to enjoy some vegan stuffed mushrooms (delicious!), a confused playlist (Bloc Party, Christina Aguilera & Meiko...), and the Redneck Game of Life (Jeremy kicked all of our butts...but Cleve did end up with 20 redheaded step-children named Darrell!). Such a fun night! And I'm REALLY excited to shoot your wedding in April!