24 February 2011

Sandy Smith Album Shoot

My dear friend Sandy Smith has an amazing voice, and is putting out an album soon! We got together last weekend to grab a few shots for her album. Lots of beautiful shots, but it's always easy to get a gorgeous shot of Sandy.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

10 February 2011

Ten on Ten - February Edition

After posting my last Ten on Ten, I found out that you're supposed to take a picture every hour for ten hours, to document your day, the world around you, yadda yadda yadda.

I think it's kind of decent. So this is my day!

5:45am - Making my lunch

6:45am - Two of my faves: Soy extra hot no water chai and our wedding picture

7:45am - The view from Eve's desk

8:45am - One of the best moments from the office.

9:45am - Mid-morning snack

11:45am - Lunch outside. In the bitter cold.

12:45pm - Rufio prints on my car. Her way of saying I love you.

1:45pm - I caved.

2:45pm - Thank you for writing this song, Tyrone.

4:45pm - This is Jo Mama, the cuddliest kitty in the world.