05 August 2008

Thirty Years of Love

My parents have now been married for 30 years.

30 YEARS!!

This is absolutely monumental. My parents have been together longer than they have not. My mom was 16 and my dad was 21 when they met. Two years later they were married. 11 months after that my oldest brother was born. Then another. Then finally they had me. Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

And even though their marriage hasn't always been perfect or easy, they've given their three children the greatest example ever. They made a commitment to each other that only death would separate them. They worked together to do whatever necessary to make sure their family's needs were met. Mom & Dad came to plays, games, church services, pinewood derbys and choir concerts. And that was just for me. They love their children, and only want the best.

And through it all, they've made Jesus the center of their relationship. Congratulations mama & papi. I am very grateful and proud of you.

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