15 August 2009

The Ferrers

I love doing family sessions. The parents are incredible, the children are amazing and it's just so much fun to get to hang out with the family as a whole.

When I woke up last Sunday, it was raining and I was so frustrated! It seemed like it was the first day of rain all summer long. But, the rain and clouds cleared away, and Sean, Nicole, Max and I had a beautiful day in Seattle. We started at Kerry Park, which apparently was the hot spot of the day (while I was there, at least 3 tour busses stopped for pictures). We crawled around in the grass, climbed on the wall and the sculpture and enjoyed the view of the city.

Next we headed down to the EMP to enjoy the beautiful colors of the building. There's a purple-ish wall on one side of the building that is absolutely gorgeous and a great backdrop for pictures. The whole building is pretty incredible. You should definitely check it out sometime.

Thank you for such a fun session!

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