19 October 2010

Loren & Jessica - Engaged!

I've only known Loren and Jessica for a little over a year, but they've quickly become great friends of ours. Loren came to Cedar Park Northshore to lead the children's ministry. Jessica has been helping out regularly, and was just recently named as the Children's Pastor. These two and their team have been doing an amazing job!

Jeremy and I had such a fun day with Loren & Jess. We started out in downtown Snohomish, then worked our way to Craven Farm, a pumpkin patch in the Snohomish Valley. The sun did everything I wanted it to, Loren & Jessica are beautiful together, and we ended the shoot with Mexican food. Could the day have been any better?

P.S. I'm pretty sure Mom & Dad Weaver have supermodel children. Jessica and John Michael Weaver are siblings, and I've been lucky enough to shoot both of them!

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