10 February 2011

Ten on Ten - February Edition

After posting my last Ten on Ten, I found out that you're supposed to take a picture every hour for ten hours, to document your day, the world around you, yadda yadda yadda.

I think it's kind of decent. So this is my day!

5:45am - Making my lunch

6:45am - Two of my faves: Soy extra hot no water chai and our wedding picture

7:45am - The view from Eve's desk

8:45am - One of the best moments from the office.

9:45am - Mid-morning snack

11:45am - Lunch outside. In the bitter cold.

12:45pm - Rufio prints on my car. Her way of saying I love you.

1:45pm - I caved.

2:45pm - Thank you for writing this song, Tyrone.

4:45pm - This is Jo Mama, the cuddliest kitty in the world.


Amanda said...

I really like this set! Great job!

Sara said...

Visiting from 10 on 10. Nice set of pics. I am a HUGE Tyrone Wells fan. LOVE him. And love that song.

Rebekah said...

wow your photos are more than decent I love them especially the window shot! thanks for participating this month!

holson photography said...

Thanks ladies! And Sara, Tyrone is the BEST!!!!

Karina said...

Love the processing on your photos. Great way to make an ordinary day look fun.

Mrs. H said...

Such a clever idea! I love the pictures you took.

Chris Gough said...

cool vintage set! love the cat photo! and the office memory...

Dani said...

What a nice set! Really love the light you captured.

Happy 10!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Great shots!