09 May 2010

Mama's Day

Here's the story behind this shoot:

My mom is turning 50 on May 16. My aunt Angie has been planning a surprise party for my mom since February, and she did an incredible job with everything. She was able to get a bunch of their family and friends to come from all over the country for mama's celebration. I can't begin tell you how hard it was to keep this secret from her and to have to lie to her...but we did it!

To make sure that they had enough time to get everything prepped, I offered to take mom, her best friend Ree (who flew in from Michigan!) and my dad to Bothell Landing for a mini session, as part of her Mother's Day present. It worked perfectly! (Also, this was IMMEDIATELY after my session with Gabrielle...LONG DAY)

Plus, my mom was completely surprised to walk in and see her house full of people she absolutely loves.

Happy birthday, happy Mother's Day and I love you!

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