05 June 2010

Anna & Chad Ellermeier

Chad and Anna just graduated from Northwestern, and happened to get married the same day (May 20). Efficiency at its finest! They are both MDs, and will be moving on to do their residency. I really enjoyed spending the day with Anna & Chad, as their joy is contagious and love for each other shines through them.

I have known Anna since our Kirkland Junior High days (Holy Cow!!!!). It was great to catch up with her and reminisce on our teens. As we were wrapping up the session, she said "I'm so glad I Facebook stalked you!" Me too!!

Thank you guys for a great afternoon, the amazing soy latte and for sharing your story with me.

Thank you to Caffe Umbria for letting us take some pictures in your beautiful cafe (
www.caffeumbria.com), Andrea Huehnerhoff for your incredible assistance, and of course, thank you to the sun for making an appearance!

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