11 September 2011

Brady & Carlee - Engaged! (Part 1!)

I'd like to introduce you to two beautiful people: Brady & Carlee. Or, as I like to call them - BB and Double E. I first met Carlee when she was a wee lass, but we because friends when we were both in youth choir together. In those days, there were a boatload of Carley/Carlye/Carlie/Karly/Carlees in my life. I had to figure out a way to differentiate between all of them. Thus, Double E was born.

Carlee is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, with a voice that will blow you away. Brady is a Montana boy, and the oldest of eight children (and there's only one girl in there). They met in college, in their orientation group (awwww!!!). When you are around Brady & Carlee, you can't help but feel the love, and fall more in love with your significant other.

Jeremy and I will be shooting BB & Double E's wedding in May 2012, and we'll be doing a full Engagement shoot later this winter/early spring. Keep your eyes open for their future sessions!

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