21 December 2011

Family - The Ellermeiers

The Ellermeiers are taking over Holson Photography! I was able to shoot my good friend Anna & Chad Ellermeier last June, and just a couple of weeks ago, I got to shoot Todd & Tricia and their handsome boy. So I have shot the East Coast Ellermeiers (Anna & Chad), and the West Coast Ellermeiers (Todd & Tricia). Now, I just need to get the Midwest Ellermeiers (Stacia and her fam. BTW, Stacia does AMAZING custom printing. Check her out at Print Girl Ink)

Anyway, I was on maternity leave since having my sweet boy, Hendrix (more to come on him later), when Tricia asked if she could get in a quick family shoot. To be completely honest, I was going stir crazy and really missed shooting. So I immediately said yes! I loved every second that we had together - this family is so much fun :)

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